Monday, November 19, 2012

Vision for Nutrition in Rwanda

While living in Rwanda and working for MANA Nutrition, I developed the vision for safe, affordable, nutritious, locally-produced foods, accessible to those who had the greatest need for improved nutrition. This was, and remains, primarily women and children. (Unfortunately, MANA's Board elected to discontinue operations in Rwanda, so I didn't have the opportunity to put this vision into action. Bummer.)

With the escalating conflict in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, I thought of this document and decided to post it here. Perhaps the dream will inspire others (maybe you?!) who will take it forward!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Micah Bournes - The Justice Conference

Yeah, I know ... two blog posts in a single day. One post per month wears me out and requires a nap, so this is extreme. And I haven't even had my post-lunch espresso. Which reminds me ...

Okay, I'm back, typing faster than ever. Sit down, buckle up, then watch. What you do after that is your choice. I'm willing to wager that you'll do something.


This morning I received a link to a short video documentary from The Nyaka School in Uganda. Having lived in Uganda for almost three years (1999-2002), I absolutely loved watching this! Nyaka is authentic grassroots and is making a tremendous difference for all generations in their community. Just take a look at this video, then I encourage you to get involved by helping fund the project below. Mwebale inho! That means, "Thanks, y'all!"