Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Practical Response

I realized that several of my posts are merely informative but don't necessarily reflect how the information changes how we live. So, here's one way in which our family responded to the video in the previous post (The Poor of This World).

On Sunday afternoon, Isaac and I collected all the change we could find from around the house, including a treasure box in the garage that had a bunch of change. Isaac counted all the change, and it turned out that we had just shy of $24. Then we raided Johnna's purse for the remaining change that got us to $24.

Why $24? Well, $12 buys a goat for a family in Zambia where Johnna's sister lives and works. So, we were able to buy two goats for families in Zambia, and these goats can have a great impact on the lives of these families. [Read Beatrice's Goat by Page McBrier] Johnna's sister will buy and deliver the goats to the families. Here's a picture of Isaac and Anna with their plastic bags; each one has $12 and represents a goat.

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