Sunday, September 23, 2012

Our Garden Adventure - 03

After getting the wood chips delivered, we set out to get newspaper. Several neighbors were very generous, and I was able to get a bunch of newspapers while at a company meeting. We were all staying in a hotel that delivered the USA Today to each room each morning, so I asked my co-workers to give me the paper when each one was finished reading it. I probably could have asked the hotel manager for all used papers for a day or two, and that's something I'm considering to do here in Bentonville. I have a friend who manages a hotel locally, so I'll call her tomorrow to check on it. If there are 200 rooms in a hotel and I'm able to get papers from 1/2 of those rooms, that should provide what we need!

The greatest challenge to getting the newspapers put down was that Isaac kept stopping to read the comics section!

A few newspapers then a few wood chips to keep the papers from blowing away.

Making progress!

Isaac worked hard. Glad we have that little red wagon!

We're getting there!

Luke and Isaac spreading out the wood chips.

Done for today!

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